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Polo Iudius for Sammieasmagpie by DragonHorseWolfThing Polo Iudius for Sammieasmagpie :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 1 0 Smol buns?? by DragonHorseWolfThing Smol buns?? :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 5 4 Ginger Arlington by DragonHorseWolfThing Ginger Arlington :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 0 0 Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque UPFA Initiation by DragonHorseWolfThing Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque UPFA Initiation :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 2 0 Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque | Level 1 | 'Home' by DragonHorseWolfThing Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque | Level 1 | 'Home' :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 3 3 Lacie Headshot by DragonHorseWolfThing Lacie Headshot :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 2 0 Free-dopts (CLOSED)! by DragonHorseWolfThing Free-dopts (CLOSED)! :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 0 2 Headshot Lineart by DragonHorseWolfThing Headshot Lineart :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 0 0 Sunset on the Bay by DragonHorseWolfThing Sunset on the Bay :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 1 0 bored doodle by DragonHorseWolfThing bored doodle :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 3 0 Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque | Level 1 | 'Meeting' by DragonHorseWolfThing Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque | Level 1 | 'Meeting' :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 1 0 GIT OFFA MA LAWN! by DragonHorseWolfThing GIT OFFA MA LAWN! :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 0 0 Sketch of Rum by DragonHorseWolfThing Sketch of Rum :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 4 0 Living Dead Girl by DragonHorseWolfThing
Mature content
Living Dead Girl :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 5 0
2243 Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque by DragonHorseWolfThing 2243 Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 8 6 Mother and Pup by DragonHorseWolfThing Mother and Pup :icondragonhorsewolfthing:DragonHorseWolfThing 1 0


2118 Polo ludius by SammieAsMagPie 2118 Polo ludius :iconsammieasmagpie:SammieAsMagPie 5 0 YHH | Large Pixels CLOSED by DestrierDesigns YHH | Large Pixels CLOSED :icondestrierdesigns:DestrierDesigns 5 18 Amy by aufzehengehen Amy :iconaufzehengehen:aufzehengehen 262 7
Please Listen.
I just got an email from a concerned parent. Her daughter has an account on DA, and apparently she copies and traces my drawings. I looked on her profile and confirmed that, yes, she did trace and gave minimal (sometimes no) credit. The reason her mother messaged me was because a few people were apparently sending her harsh messages asking her to give credit. She even got a few death threats.
Listen...I'm going to say this all again because I guess it needs reiterating: When it comes to my art, I do not mind young artists copying or tracing my drawings in hopes of developing their skills, or because they are still learning the way of things. If you see someone posting a traced or heavily referenced drawing that does not mention the original picture, please DO NOT immediately jump to aggression.   If something like this (art theft/style theft) really gets on your nerves, then I understand why you might be angry upon seeing it, but you must find the maturity to take a breath, and
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 1,521 1,232
Unused Designs For Sale!
Hey everyone!
I've got some designs that have been lying around for some time and I don't think I will ever develop/use them. All are quite cheap and I'm willing to negotiate prices/take art.
Do not claim as your own, resell for more, or offer breeding spots for real money.

1.  SOLD
2.  $5 USD/500 points
3.  $5 USD/500 points
#10 & #12 here:  $2 USD/200 points EACH
#2 here:  $5 USD/500 points
UNUSED DESIGNS BY Collie-studios:
Please read and respect the original designer's rules! (Adoptable Rules)
1.  100 points
2.  SOLD
:icondestrierdesigns:DestrierDesigns 4 23
EquusBallator: In-Depth Horn Genetics by Fargonon EquusBallator: In-Depth Horn Genetics :iconfargonon:Fargonon 25 4
Rarity Guide
EDIT 2/11/17 - All horn rarities are now the same for every type. Desert spined horns no longer add +3 and Forest spined no longer add +1. No White rarity has also been removed, HOWEVER if you have a ballator that is already registered in the group, you do not need to change rarity on it. All un-drawn foals will need to adhere to this system!
Rarity: A points-based system, judged by traits such as color, markings, horn shape, horn color, and extra manes, used to judge how rare a horse is in relation to both Equus Ballators as a whole and also, if applicable, its Type.

1-13 RP - Normal Rarity (Common)
13-20 RP - Medium Rarity (Uncommon)
21-28 RP - High rarity (Rare)
29-40 - Elite Rarity40 + RP - Legendary RP
> Ordering an Import Rarity Information
A Ballator custom's price depends on how rare you would like it. You get to choose 5 traits (or less) that you would like your Ballator
:iconequusballator:EquusBallator 24 86
Berries by EquusBallatorSociety Berries :iconequusballatorsociety:EquusBallatorSociety 4 0 Seasonal Quests - April by EquusBallatorSociety Seasonal Quests - April :iconequusballatorsociety:EquusBallatorSociety 14 43 3932 Foal Design by Lycera 3932 Foal Design :iconlycera:Lycera 7 3
The Melekure Stables: Breeding Agreement
Melekure Stables: To Do List
Melekure Stables: Refs Needed and Foal Designs
Welcome to the Melekure Stables!
Please take a piece of chalk and sign on the board that you agree to the terms of service for the Melekure Stable Breeding program. Any slots that are open will not be able to be purchased until you have signed our agreement program.
If you have any questions please feel free to leave a note and we shall respond as soon as we can!
Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the user having any and all breeding rights to the Melekure Stables horses revoked.
If you have failed to follow any rules your slot will be revoked, points declined (for points payments through the widget) and any artwork done will simply count towards stats for the ho
:icontoxiccreed:ToxicCreed 9 64
Temporary Breeding Rules
This is just until I'm able to revamp both my stables and my breeding rules properly.
-Don't be rude in any way, shape or form. Respect people, please.
-Wait until confirmation to send payment. This is important.
-Notify me on both partner and foal.
-Notify me when selling the foal, I may wish to buy it back.
-Please use slots within a year. Be aware refunds will not be given after two months.
Failure to do so will result in the slot being taken back and a refund will not be given.
-Don't inbreed, linebreed or crossbreed my horses without reason. Be mindful of your breedings.
Please be careful of breedings and check lineages. I will more often than not have all starters I can find listed.
The Crossbreeding rules includes all breeds and subtypes excluding natural horses.
Signing these rules acknowledges that I have the right to decline breeding pairs, have the right to reclaim slots after the allotted time has past and that I have a full right to confidentiality.
:icondahronianarts:DahronianArts 2 6
2118 Polo ludius SOLD by Pukzzi 2118 Polo ludius SOLD :iconpukzzi:Pukzzi 8 7 737 Crus Margaritis by TheMoon122 737 Crus Margaritis :iconthemoon122:TheMoon122 10 1 3324 HS The Second Schuyler by HellishSam 3324 HS The Second Schuyler :iconhellishsam:HellishSam 9 7
Ref for a slot
So i got some babies who need refs
Show examples please some of these I will be very picky with 
 17hh gentle and sweet
2 full bodies for a slot equine2210
 foal design  equine2210

 slot to someone else as she's sterile


972 foal design by SammieAsMagPie
:iconsammieasmagpie:SammieAsMagPie 3 121



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Ginger Arlington
New OC! :) Need a person OC to use as a handler in HARPG. It'd make things much easier lol.
Name: Ginger Marian Arlington
Nicknames: Ginny, Gin
Age: 17
DOB: 3/25/00
Parents: unknown
Bit of history: Ginger grew up with her grandma Hana on their small farm, her parents having given her up due to financial difficulties. They never visited them. Ginger and Hana's lives were on the backs of their horses, riding through fields and trails. Given that all her life was spent around animals, she loved them. So she wanted to be around animals when she grew up and got a job.
Sadly, her grandma passed when she was 14, so she had to move in with her aunt Olivia, CEO of a small business, and uncle Jack, a carpenter, and their 3 kids (2 year old twin girls, Lily and Rose, and a 6 year old boy, Gage). She learned to take care of younger kids as she regularly watched them while the parents went on dates and trips. Ginger missed the rural life and a year later, they moved to a farm house, with a rundown, dusty, old barn and small stable on the property. Ginger and the kids always played around it and eventually the family decided to fix it up. It turned out to be a beautiful barn, and they always went there for birthday parties, other events, and just to play and run around in.
Ginger was 16 when she found her first animal-related job at a newly-built stable. The owners weren't around much, so their two kids helped to manage the barn. Despite having eachother to run things and it being a fairly new stable though, they decided to hire another helping hand.
Ginger made friends of the two, and also of the few animals that lived on the grounds of the stable. She'd been saving up money ever since her grandmother died so she could buy her own horse, as the two at Hana's stable were sold as well as the property.
Occupation: Stablehand
Stable: Elements' Domain
Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque UPFA Initiation
Horse Ref: dragonhorsewolfthing.deviantar…
Applying to: UPFA
Starter Item Received: Studded Shoes

Nigrum Lacedaemoniaeque, ever since she was a foal, used to play-fight like one of the colts. She was still friends with some of the other fillies, but mostly hung out with the colts. So, she grew up as a tomboy. Some fillies and mares frowned upon her actions and how she acted because they’d see it to be too rough for them/their offspring. Lacey never cared what the others thought, as she’s always considered herself to be a free spirit.

However, her lack of care for others’ ideas wasn’t just that. She never really listened to others, so she’s been in a few fights when she was younger. Of course, she’s become a little less ignorant to others’ thoughts and such as she’s grown, as well as becoming much more observant. She grew up to be a better listener, but also a better fighter. A much better fighter.

Lacey may have a sweet nickname, but she's not so sweet when she's fighting. She likes to prance around her enemy to taunt them and will nip at them to mess with their minds, then she'll lunge at them with her fangs ready to sink into their flesh once they've become too aggravated for her to continue her mind games, or tired. She's rather intelligent, can go a while without rest, and is a persistent, determined fighter. She gets more violent once she's cornered, seeing it as a sign she's losing the battle and possibly her life, and will strike out with her studded-shoed hooves, bite, or even head-butt the opponent. However, one of her more obvious weaknesses is that she has a short temper, and goes into a frenzy of rage and violence if she can't do anything else/her opponent hasn't sustained enough injuries for her to have the upper hand. Many would assume, by her small stature, that she's vulnerable and weak. But don't judge a book by its cover.
320 words

+1 str, 1 atk str, 1 intel for initiation; 2 intel, 1 str, 2 atk str for studded shoes; 3 stats for fullbody image.
sorry that I've been so slow in getting stuff done. Between high school, getting a new job, midterms, upcoming 2-year w/ my love, the women's march, etc. I've just been so busy that I've basically been neglecting my dA acct. so... I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I'll stay on dA or if I'll bow out of harpg and everything else so I can focus on my life outside of here, but for now I'll have to cancel anything I'm in. Sorry x.x

I'm basically taking a hiatus. I'll still get on occasionally to check out everything, see what everyone's up to, etc. But for now, I need to focus on school and a (possible) soon-to-be job.

Have a good day! Again, sorry.
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